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Winter of Love.

This 4th of July, the Vault in Park City will be selling their limited tie die winter of love t-shirts.  Saga and Jiberish got together to make this piece and it will be out for sale on the 4th, come celebrate.7787dbc96d397affccea6b1be3d93ee7 27ee356c3f92884a4c73af42b6e89738 726dd45ab08c3aefbf32e9cb8efd6206 1064264_10151679784994519_857455114_o

Saga Cookbook.

The Saga cookbook is out and it is filled with all of next years gear.  I had alot of fun out at Baker shooting for the Cookbook and lots got alot of nice images and footage as well. There are a few Baker shots in this Premium video edited by 4bi9 Media.  There will be some more footage coming out later so keep posted for that.  All these shots come from Saga Outerwear website and Facebook.  Jordan Harper has done an amazing job making sure these photos are crisp and get shared all over the web!


Saga Cookbooks








Saga Fresh Cuts

Saga Vest Poly

Saga Recipes

Saga Baker 360Jumping at Mt. Baker.

Camp Krusty.

Camp Krusty was a good one this season, and it was my first time attending.  My friend Lukas Tanaka has made 4 Camp trips so unofficially it was Camp Krusty 4.0. After we finished setting up camp it was time to ski. We spent the entire week up at Timberline for the 7th West coast Sessions.  I have been going to this session for a while now and it is always so much fun lapping the Timberline park.  This is the last of the lower park before they set up the magic mile park further up the mountian.  The Alaska boys came down to check it out as well and look for Boys club episode coming soon, here is one from last year.  Landis Tanaka is going to be posting some medium format images from our trip also check his blog.

West Coast Sessions DurtschiJumping at Mt. Hood.

Durtschi Big Dipper Ursa MajorUrsa Major was shining bright all week.

Durtschi Camp KrustyFireside.

Durtschi Corona BorealisMy photo the asterism the Crown of the constellation Corona Borealis. 
Durtschi Landis hammockLandis in relax mode.

Durtschi Light Camp KrustyThe camp dubbed “Camp Krusty”

Durtschi Medium FormatThrough the Lense (mirrored) of the Medium Format camera.

Durtschi Medium FormatzLooking through the Medium Format camera at our Campsite. The Photos are going to be sick just need to be developed.

Durtschi Saga GearThe Khaki coming from 13/14 Anomie 2L

Durtschi Saga Light#sagasummer

Durtschi TelescopeI used my Telescope to view some planets, taking advantage of the dark skys surrounding Mt. Hood.

Durtschi WCS SlashSlashing the Slush, Mt. Jefferson in the Backdrop.

AK with TGR

Some more photos from my trip to #fantasycamp with Teton Gravity Research.  Got to ski some amazing terrain and it was insane to be skiing with Sage Dana and Sammy, what a dynamic crew!  I have to thank everyone who helped put the camp together, the staff at Alaskan Adventures and our Guides Kent and Beanzy.  All the production, from Todd and Steve Jones to Travis Robb and Dutch Simpson and our photo guy Mark Fischer.P1070035


P1070036This first set of 3 above is from the trip with Field, all below are with TGR, Sammy Carlson in the red/white/black and Dana Flarh in the yellow, and Sage in the red.


DSC_0006My brother came and buzzed us in his small aircraft, you can make it out if you look closely!


DSC_1365Mt. St. Elias driving towards Anchorage on the Alcan Highway.



Saga News.

Two really important things coming from Saga in the near future.  The colab with Proof Sunglasses is one, the other is the Cookbook.  The cookbook is an online catalog with the entire line up of everything Saga will be selling next season.   Also tag your photos on Instagram with #sagacookbook for a chance to have them posted in the Cookbook.
Saga CookBookMt. Baker Homerun Gap its a fun one, right over the cat track.

Saga Proof GlassesSaga and Proof linked up to put out these Shades.

Field Productions Supervention Filming Update.

Well the trip is over with Field and the Norwegians are on there way back to Norway already to continue filming for Supervention. We spent 2 weeks in the Tatsenshini Mountains just north of the USA border. Exploration was the key I am sticking around the north and am going to head up to the Neacola range with Teton Gravity Research now.  I will keep you guys updated on my travels, going to be camping at the #fantasycamp that is built up out there, check the hashtag on Instagram for more details on that. Oh and this summer there will be a webisode about our trip with Field.
Working with some RED cams.

Saga_Supervention_AlaskaThe Bell 407 with “first class seating” and cupholders.

Saga_Durtschi_Supervention_AvalancheGot into a little slab slide, didnt realize until I was in the air, was able to ski out of it!

Saga_AK_Durtschi+360Spinning a little into some goodness.

FieldProductionsDurtschiHeliMore spinning into the wide open.




Canada Trip.

Near the end of February I drove north from Utah with my snowmobile in search of some Kootenay pillows.  After alot of crazy weather and fun times re-learning how to snowmobile I got to get into some zones that really were worth all the hard work.  I have to admit the way the snow stacks up in BC is unlike anywhere in the world.  People call them pillows, marshmellows, cheeseburgers, mushrooms, or Mario Land, Nintendo land, whatever you want to call them they are fun as heck to skI!  Huge thanks to Selkirk Wilderness SkiingStellar Heli and Red Mountain. Watch out for next years Teton Gravity Research next year for the shots!




I got to take some runs with a 12 foot boom cam, although I only extended it to full length one time.  It was tricky to get the hang of but I ended up getting some cool shots out of the experience.